Front Row (kneeling): Ronnie Sims, Gary Good, Veronica Propst, Jonathan Ramsey, Zach Dover, Cindy Spear, Scott Shillinglaw

Back Row (standing):Jordan Austin, Abe Green, Matt Hatchell, Matt Johnson, Jamie Broome, Brian  Rose, Derek Whitesides, Jim Rooney, & Gary Clark

Not Pictured: Domenic Manera, Wilson Barnett, Derrick Barrentine, Bill Currence, Bobby Dickson, Russ Garner, Michael Hawkins, Guy Hudson, Tommy Kiser, John Langford, Bill Love, Richard McKnight, Joe Mitchell, Jim Walston, Dan Warren

 Names in red are our volunteers and names in black are our paid staff.

The City of York Fire Department is a combined department that consists of both paid and volunteer firefighters. Our volunteers give their time to respond to fire incident calls, staff the station at night, perform work around the station, and participate in our fire service programs. Our volunteers are a valuable asset to the City of York Fire Department and we greatly appreciate what they do.



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