Inspection Division 

Meet our Inspectors: Jim Walston, Guy Hudson, & Brian Rose

The City of York Inspection Division not only conducts routine fire inspections of existing buildings but also does plans review on new structures and review of existing structure renovations. The mission of the Inspection Division is to "promote fire safety through prevention rather than suppression".

The Inspection Division is staffed by Senior Firefighter/EMT/Fire Inspector Brian Rose,  Firefighter/EMT/Fire Inspector Guy Hudson, and Firefighter/Inspector Jim Walston. Both Brian Rose and Guy Hudson are South Carolina Resident State Fire Marshals and have more than 20 years combined inspection experience. Jim Walston has just recently begun inspections.

Brian Rose's primary responsibilities are plans review, inspection of new businesses, and National Fire Incident Reporting System reports. Brian Rose is also the York Fire Department Infection Control Officer and is the Coordinator of the City of York Safety Committee. Additonally, Brian Rose schedules and teaches fire safety classes.

Guy Hudson's primary responsibilities are inspection of all existing buildings and businesses, and maintenance of inspection records. Guy Hudson's other responsibilities include all annual hose testing, scheduling and teaching fire safety classes (included are both school and industrial settings), 1% budgeting, and maintenance of all financial and written records for the department. Guy Hudson has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the York Fire Department since 1995.

Jim Walston's primary responsibilities are inspections of all existing buldings and business, and maintenance of inspections records. Jim Walston also schedules and teaches fire safety classes.



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