Public Utilities

To expedite service, the following forms may be printed out and completed prior to bringing them to City Hall with your picture ID.

Application for Utility Service
Must be completed to obtain water and sewer connection.

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Needed in conjunction with application for utility services.

Utility Disconnection Request
Must be completed by customer (whose name is on account) to disconnect services.

Utility Billing Water Purchase Form
Commercial users must complete this form.  Only the hydrant at City Hall, N Roosevelt Street, is used for this purpose.

Water Service Turn On for 48 Hours
Available for property owners who have previously had an active account.  This service is available for tempory use, i.e. cleaning purposes.

Bank Draft Form
Available for customers who wish to pay for services via bank draft.

Utility Billing Change of Address Form
Must be completed when an existing customer changes addresses.